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IHSLA Official Statement on COVID-19

By Charlie Barry, 03/11/20, 2:00PM EDT


COVID-19 Statement

The Coronavirus has made its way into Indiana.  US Lacrosse has issued a statement pertaining to the Coronavirus outbreak and Indiana schools and universities have taken steps to limit exposure to the possible outbreak. While the IHSLA is working to continue business as usual. We would like to share some actions in regards to pre and post game handshakes, game cancellations, and possible post season repercussions. If the IHSAA makes a formal statement calling for the halt to athletic competitions for a period of time, we will follow suit with similar guidelines. 

Pre Game Handshakes between Officials, Coaches, and Captains- Typically, handshakes and pleasantries are exchanged between all parties at some point prior to the game. We would like to limit skin contact between all parties, so please wave or nod the head when greeting each other.

Post Game Handshake between teams- Following the game, to again limit skin contact, we will encourage teams to acknowledge other teams via the RAH RAH or RAY RAH and the team name chant that traditionally follows a game. Coaches, we encourage you to meet at midfield and share compliments with the other coaching staff, if you prefer to shake hands, bump fists, or just share in a moment of conversation, that is all up to you.

Cancellations- If a game or a series of games need to be cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns,  please communicate all cancellations to the opponents, referees and to the Secretary of the IHSLA. Please make all efforts to reschedule games if schedules allow. In the event that a reschedule can not be agreed upon, please continue on with your season.  If cancellations are a result of local school corporations, or the IHSAA halting competitons across the state, we will then take further actions to make accommodations towards post season play.

Post Season Implications- While no games have been affected thus far, no changes to the required minimum games of 8 have been made. However if the event occurs, through local (individual school) or large (school corporations) scale cancellations, the IHSLA will MAY make adjustments to the minimum games required, based on the amount games left in a teams season. If a broader scale (state wide) of cancellations occurs, the IHSLA MAY consider removing the minimum game requirement entirely, and allow teams to finish their schedule as is. Any games cancelled after the resumption of play, will still need to be rescheduled.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the IHSLA Executive Committee or Board.