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2021 Season - COVID Recommendations

By Jack Meachum, 01/19/21, 7:00PM EST


League Memo: COVID19 & 2021 IHSLA Lacrosse Season


2020-21 IHSLA Boys Lacrosse Considerations

General Considerations

  • Social Distancing should be encouraged when possible for players, fans, coaches, support staff, & officials.

  • Refrain from celebrations which involve physical contact such as fist bumps, hugs, etc.

  • Masks should be worn prior to & upon completion of competition. Masks or Gaiters can be worn during competition at the sole discretion of the athlete though are not required.

  • Athletes should bring & maintain their own supply of water at practices. It is recommended teams bring their own water to competitions.

  • Face shields attached to athlete’s helmets will be permitted, though are not recommended by US Lacrosse or the CDC. Temporary face shields should be disposed upon each use, and reusable face shields should be cleaned after each use. Use of face shields is at the sole discretion of the athlete.

Temporary IHSLA By-Law Notes

  • 3.1: Playoff Eligibility - Teams are still required to compete in 8 in-state competitions. All teams should plan accordingly to allow for flexibility in their schedules for reschedules and additional in-state games should there be cancellations to satisfy the 8 in-state competition rule. An emphasis should be placed on scheduling & rescheduling in-state games over out-of-state games. Teams with extraordinary circumstances may be granted a waiver to this requirement at the discretion of the IHSLA.

Gameday Considerations

  • Traditional pregame captains/face-offs & officials meetings should eliminate handshakes and socially distance at midfield. 

  • The traditional end of game hand shake line should be substituted with a salute or cheer for the opposing team.

  • Support Staff (scorers table, clock operators, & videographers) should wear masks & socially distance at all times. Programs should limit the number of support staff to only essential personnel. 

  • No changes will be made to the in-game play at this point in time; this includes face-off procedures, positioning of team substitution boxes, etc.

  • Team boxes can be extended to the endline to allow for social distancing. 

  • If a locker room is provided to officials or visiting team space provided should be large enough to allow for social distancing and should be sanitized before and after use.

IHSLA COVID Reporting 

  • In the event of an outbreak please submit the number of positive cases & those in quarantine until all players have returned to play.

  • COVID Reporting Site:

    • Fill out registration link at top/bottom of page

Regular Season Cancellations & Quarantines

  • It is at the discretion of each school/club to determine when a game should be cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID

  • Games which are cancelled due to COVID will be recorded as a “No Contest”

  • Games which are cancelled due to COVID must be reported to the IHSLA

Playoff Cancellations & Quarantines

  • Should a team be required to quarantine and unable to complete the scheduled contest, the game will be recorded as a “No Contest” and the opposing team will advance. 

Changes & Adaptations in-season

  • As with the current climate of the pandemic, the IHSLA reserves the right to make changes as needed to adapt and alter rules based on the climate of the pandemic.

Q & A:

How were these modifications & considerations put together?

The IHSLA recommendations  were put together by an IHSLA sub-committee based on the best practices implemented by the IHSAA, NFHS, & US Lacrosse.

Is the IHSLA prepared to alter or make modifications to the season as necessary? 

Yes, should circumstances change the IHSLA is prepared to make adjustments as required. These decisions will often follow suit with decisions and/or recommendations made by the IHSAA, NFHS, and/or US Lacrosse.

Should a student who is diagnosed with a positive COVID19 case be cleared by a licensed healthcare provider prior to participation?

Yes, a documented medical exam should be performed clearing the athlete to play.


Resources & References:


US LACROSSE Return to Play: LINK

IHSLA Policies & Rules: LINK