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Team Page Help

Website Information & Access

All programs should have access to their respective team pages through the IHSLA website. Access to each team page is granted by the IHSLA to a user through SportsEngine. If your program needs help accessing your team page please fill out the request for help form & and IHSLA representative will assist. 

Roster Entry Instructions

Below are instructions for importing and uploading your rosters onto your team page. Please note when uploading your rosters make sure to include both Varsity and JV players. Those whom are double rostered should be listed twice. 

1. Go to Team Page & click Roster

2. Select Add Player

3. At this time a pop-up window will appear allowing you to choose Create a Player or Import Players from Excel

*Importing form an excel sheet is recommended for those entering multiple players

4. When you select Import Players from Excel, you will need to download the form (or you can download the excel form on this page)

5. When entering your roster in the excel sheet the following information will be required: First, Last, Position, Team (Varsity or JV), US Lacrosse Number, Graduation Year

6. Save the file & import the new file to the website

Schedule Entry

Maintaining an accurate & up to date schedule is important for individual programs, but also for the IHSLA. It is the responsibility of each program to maintain an accurate schedule on the IHSLA website. At this time, please only enter your varsity schedule onto the team page. Steps for entry are as follows:

1. Go to Team Page

2. Select Add Game - A pop-up window will appear

3. Team 1 - this should already be populated with your program's information. You will need to simply select if your team is playing home or away.

4. Team 2 - this will be your opponent which you will need to select from a drop down tab. All IHSLA teams are listed within this selection

*If you are playing an out of state opponent first check to see if the team is already listed within the drop down menu. If it is not there, choose Custom Opponent. When entering a new out of state team please use the following format: Team Name (STATE).

5. Enter date of the game, time, & time zone the game is to be played in.

6. Under venue select the field location

7. Finally, select create game & repeat for remaining games

Editing Rosters & Schedules

Should you encounter any changes in your rosters or schedules, as we always do through the course of the season, follow these steps to edit both.

1. Go to Team Page

2. Make sure you have "Edit Mode" ON (Button located top left side of page)

3. Select "Manage Team" along the list of options across your team page (If this option is not showing up, you do not have edit mode on)

4. It will redirect you to a new screen which will have any games you've already entered

To edit a game: Click directly on the game you need to change

To delete a game: Check the box next to the games, a top the page you will be given an option to delete the selected games

To edit rosters: Go to the rosters tab (located on the right column).